Our Mission

Provide you with all the information you need to start mind mapping.


At Mindmaps.com, we believe that mind mapping can change the way you work. Mind maps provide a more intuitive way to brainstorm, ideate, organize and manage your work. We are passionate about mind mapping and want to share it with you.

Mind mapping is a powerful yet simple method for developing ideas and diving into a more creative workflow. Join the millions of business leaders, teachers, students, and creatives that know how mind mapping can add value to your workflow. Whether you are creating a simple to-do list, brainstorming a marketing plan, or building a robust knowledge map for your business, learning the ins and outs of mind mapping can help you to achieve your goals.

We’re excited to share our knowledge with you and see what you create for your own business and community. So, whether you are a teacher, student, or business professional, welcome to the world of mind mapping!

Meet Our Contributors

Michael Hollauf

Co-founder, Meister

Michael Hollauf, based in Vienna, Austria, is the co-founder of Meister, the company behind MindMeister and MeisterTask. He is passionate about mind mapping and making tools to enable people to harness their creative potential. Connect with Michael on LinkedIn.

Til Vollmer

Co-founder, Meister

Till Vollmer, based in Munich, Germany, is the co-founder of Meister, the company behind MindMeister and MeisterTask. He loves mind mapping because it frees his mind – the way he thinks. It makes him think outside the box and sparks creativity and ideas. Connect with Till on LinkedIn.

Raphaela Brandner

Writer, Meister

Raphaela is a staff writer at Meister who fell in love with mind mapping in her early twenties. She’s written extensively on the benefits of mind mapping in business and education, and uses the technique for everything from content planning to mapping her favorite vegan restaurants worldwide. Connect with Raphaela on LinkedIn.

Michelle Matus

Writer, Meister

Michelle is a writer based in Vienna, Austria. She currently works for the team at Meister, writing about all things mind mapping, creativity and productivity. She loves to use mind mapping for everything from brainstorming and project planning to road trip and vacation planning. Connect with Michelle on LinkedIn.

Toni Krasnic

CX Specialist

Toni is a certified Customer Experience Specialist (CXS) with a passion for customer experience in the restaurant industry and government sector. He’s also a passionate mind mapper who helps students, teachers, and professionals use mind maps for learning. Connect with Toni on LinkedIn.

Arpit Banjara

Project Management Expert

Arpit has been providing Mind Mapping services since 2014. He believes that in this era of information overload, you only need information that is relevant and filter out the rest, and a Mind Map exactly does that! So he researches on many ‘self-development’ topics and creates Mind Maps as digital products. Connect with Arpit on LinkedIn.

Ana Stoica

Finance and HR Development Expert

Ana is a certified professional in finance and HR development, with 20+ years in business, management and entrepreneurship. She uses mind mapping to coach and mentor business owners, leaders and young professionals to thrive in career, workplace and business challenges. Connect with Ana on LinkedIn.

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